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For some time, I have wanted to interview figures whose paths I have crossed or with whom I have worked: scholars, writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, rappers from Africa and its Diaspora. The idea is to make these filmed interviews accessible to as many people as possible. In 2017, when the eminent intellectual Abiola Irele joined the Ancestors, I was struck to find out that no one had filmed his many discussions to better understand the development of his concepts for our times as well as future generations. And I was guilty of it myself, because during my stay in 2011 at Kwara State University where he was dean, while I was thinking about how important it would be to interview him, I had not taken the steps to have the material available, believing that better equipped people had done this.

In June 2019, I decided to overturn this situation, especially since Ambroise Kom had been invited to Geneva by a literary organization. Thanks to the Cultural Activities of the University of Geneva, I got started, despite an inexistant budget. And it was proposed I add the letters HT to the word Archiving to stand for High Tension (in French the word tension refers to voltage).


In summary, the goal is to give the opportunity to hear key personalities, women and men, established or young artists/activists who are implementing bold strategies, develop their concepts so we can better understand their contributions at this crucial time and find inspiring concepts to deal more insightfully with problems faced.


Métaphore Crew

2021        Lion and Lus-D of Metaphore Crew: rap, Niger, 4 scrunches, direction Oumarou and Tissières

Gino Sitson

2019 (Nov.)        Gino Sitson: jazz musician-composer and researcher, 3 chapters, direction Tissières

Ambroise Kom

2019 (June)        Ambroise Kom: Cameroonian scholar, 8 chapters, direction Tissières

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